Let’s Chat w/ Del Barber

We’re sitting down to chat with Canadian farmer and singer-songwriter Del Barber. Del’s music has been nominated for countless awards and has received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Ep 9 Let’s Chat w/ Erica & Mike, Nature & Nurture Seeds

Lets Chat w/ Erica Kempter and Mike Levine, co-owners of Nature & Nurture Seeds, a Michigan based seed company! We talk about why planting regional seed matters and some of their favorite varieties from this year’s catalog, then we play the Garden Dating Game! Let’s see how well Erica and Mike know each other… in the garden.

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From The Herb Garden: Elder

Elder is an ancient tree, noted in sources ranging from Shakespeare to pop music. And elderberries have many uses, from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet.

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Good Food Awards Finalist

Small House Hemp Seed oil has been named a finalist in the Good Food Awards!  This is a national award based out of California.  We are honored and humbled to be chosen by a panel that blind tested over 2000 entries. Congratulations to the 2017 Good Food Awards...

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Seasonal Squash Soup with Pumpkin Seeds

I made some delectable soup the other day that I need to share!   Disclaimer:  I will not be giving you a recipe with specific numbers or exact quantities of certain ingredients.  I don't cook like that.  I cook like an old Grandma would -  things go in the pot by the...

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Spring Seed Excitement

The excitement of spring is already in the air! The snow is melting (for now), baby chicks are chirping, the maple sap is flowing and everyone here is itching to start planting! It seems like every other conversation around here has something to do with seeds.. Boxes...

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Finishing Oil

  We drizzled Small House Hemp Oil on our noodles and veggies for lunch today.  Roughly a tablespoon of Hemp Oil will give you the protein and nutritional boast your body needs!  Doesn't this look yummy? There are cooking oils, and then there are finishing oils....

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I Quit My Comfy Corporate Job

I'm sitting on the floor of my kitchen with Ethernet cords and routers all around me.  The press is on the table with the smell of fresh pressed hemp in the air.  This has been the day of internet and computer troubles for me.   I hate troubleshooting internet issues....

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Almond Blueberry Bread Recipe

This morning we all woke up and wanted pancakes and bacon.  I love Sunday mornings..The ones that you can just sit in your pajamas and slowly mosey through the day.  You might get thisaccomplished or that accomplished, but the day is slow and cozy.  You cuddle on the...

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Our Potato Adventure

The Sangre potato we were gifted I'm going to start this post by repeating something that I find myself saying and writing quite often.. Small House has allowed me to see and learn so many new things that I never would have even imagined possible.. Its already been an...

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A visit from the Phantom Gardener

Our life here at Small House has given my family opportunities to learn and experience things that I never would have imagined possible. From the most simple, like tapping our maple trees to collect their tasty sap and watching five year old Elijah harvest and eat his...

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Herbs: Wildcraft or Purchase

We use a lot of herbs here at Small House. For our food and drink, our medicine and in a variety of the products that we take to market. And we take a lot of pride in how we choose to source these herbs. If you have ever spoken to me at a market about our salves you...

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Big Dreams, Pig Dreams

It seems that January is a month for dreaming. Dreaming of warm weather and all the wonderful things we want to do when it finally returns. The holidays are over and the maple sap won't run for another month or two yet.. its too early to start any seeds, so all we can...

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Me & Wintergreen

Ever since I was a young boy I've enjoyed picking wintergreen in the woods. The fresh minty smell of the leaves when you break them open, the refreshing flavor of the plump little berries.. plus they're just cool looking little plants. With the bright red and green...

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Gathering Wild Carrot Seeds

Our latest wild plant gathering adventure stemmed from a chapter in a book I've been reading entitled "A Guide to Nature in Winter" by Donald Stokes. Its a great little book that I was given by our Grandpa Bob in Pennsylvania.. Essentially its a guide to wildflower,...

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Brussels Sprouting

  The boys and I went to Middleton Farm today and picked a large basket (half bushel) of brussel sprouts! Elijah had a hard time getting them to snap off the stalks, so it was mainly my hands that filled the basket.  Took about half hour, and after I blanch and...

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Detoxing from Deodorant

We just premiered a new product last week that we have been using around our house for 2+ years, our Homemade Deodorant.  This product is simple, natural, and still does the job !   We've had great response all ready from our customers!  Please let us know your...

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Food Swapping Fun

Yesterday Heather and I were lucky enough to attend our first ever homemade food swap, hosted by a group from Lansing called Mid-Mitten Homemade. You can check them out on facebook here. The concept of the swap was pretty simple, but I was blown away at how great of...

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Saving Seeds, A Bonus Harvest

Its been a little while since my last post. As everyone knows, this is a very busy time of year. School starts for the kids and the harvest really starts to pick up, which brings with it preservation season. Canning, drying, freezing... jams, tomatoes, pickles,...

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Homemade Sauerkraut

One of the vegetables that we grew this year was cabbage. We chose a variety from Baker Creek Seed Company called the Glory of Enkhuizen. It's named after the village in Holland where it was first introduced back in 1899. It is said to an early, excellent keeping...

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Wildflower Jelly

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a post about this year's strawberry jam making adventure.. Everyone loves jam and this was quite a popular post! But if you're anything like me, your jam experience is limited to the head honchos of the preserve world.. Strawberry,...

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Flea be Gone

Two outdoor cats + thick dense wooded living + summer heat = FLEAS! We have been battling fleas for a few weeks now and I wanted to share our success story now that we have officially controlled them with natural methods.   Having a small baby in the house and our...

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Saving Garlic – and my lessons in patience

One of the things I enjoy the most about our life here at Small House is taking the time to learn what all goes into our food. And I don't just mean the ingredients. A lot of the food that is readily available at the super market for hungry consumers to purchase by...

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Our friend Nettles

Nettles. Most people are familiar with nettles if only because of its sting. If you haven't experienced nettles' sting, maybe you need to get out more! This common plant can be found most anywhere; roadsides, edges of trails, along river banks, most any place you...

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Super grain of the Andes or common weed?

Our first growing season here at Small House couldn't be more exciting.. the thrill of breaking ground on a new garden! We had time last fall to build a few raised beds and set up some low tunnels before the snow hit. And when the cold of winter had us in its grip, we...

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