We just premiered a new product last week that we have been using around our house for 2+ years, our Homemade Deodorant.  This product is simple, natural, and still does the job !   We’ve had great response all ready from our customers!  Please let us know your feedback in the comments below.


I wanted to give a little insight on using this deodorant for anyone that has never used a homemade deodorant before.  As it is quite different then a store bought commercial, antiperspirant that most people are used too.  Store bought deodorant is filled with unnecessary chemicals and other ingredients, specifically Aluminum, that our body gets used to and it actually changes our body’s chemistry because of the constant exposure on a super sensitive open area of our body like our
 When switching from store bought to homemade, I recommend a detox time of about 2 weeks.   During this time, you need to refrain from wearing deodorant of any sort as much as you can.  This allows your body to push out those old toxins and chemicals from the store bought deodorant.  This detox also gets your body used to sweating, which is a good thing, as it actually REMOVES the toxins from your body.  If during this detox at any time, you smell super stinky and can’t take it, apply a small amount of the Small House Deodorant.

Our deodorant wont block up your pores and prevent you from sweating.  So you WILL sweat!  This is not an antiperspirant!  But once again, sweating is a GOOD thing, it is there to help remove unwanted things in your body.

The 1 oz. containers that we are currently selling are great for throwing in your purse, or your car and reapplying whenever you need it!  Sometimes I need to reapply a few times in a day, just depending on the day.   Remember to close the container tightly, especially in the hotter months, as the coconut oil will liquify at temps higher then 72, which will make your deodorant get a little runny.  You don’t want this spilling in your purse, so close it tight!

After the 2 week detox time, then you can start using the deodorant regularly and you have successfully cleaned your system!  Its smooth sailing from here, your body can breathe, sweat, and smell naturally.

Another fun thing about our unscented Small House Deodorant is that its just waiting to be personalized!  Add your own scent by putting in a few drops of essential oil of your choice and mixing with a knife.   Eventually we will have a variety of Deodorant scents available, but until then, create your own!


UPDATE 10/27/14
Some feedback from a few customers has reminded me another thing I should cover about the deodorant.  Some people may experience a rash or get red skin from the baking soda in the deodorant.  Putting this much ‘salt’ on an open area of your skin that is not used to such things, may cause this.  It seems to happen to some and not all.  Not sure exactly what causes this, but everything i’ve read about homemade deodorant says this.  I would recommend a extreme detox, and try not to use ANY deodorant for a few weeks and then try again.  If you still have issues with a rash, then we could try to work with different formulas in the deodorant.  Message us directly and we can come with a special solution just for you!