August 16, 2023

Episode 18:

Let’s Chat w/ Amy Anthony, NYC Aromatica plus top five essential oils

This episode is packed full of info! Certified Aromatherapist Amy Anthony joins us to talk about the difference between hydrosols and essential oils, lavandin vs lavender and so much more! Then, Amy shares her Top 5 essential oils!

Episode Guest

Episode Guest

Amy Anthony is a certified clinical aromatherapist who left her career in marketing research to pursue what is closest to her heart: working with plants. As a certified aromatherapist, aromatherapy educator, herbalist, and artisanal distiller, Amy is one of NYC’s top aromatherapy practitioners. Host of the Essential Aromatica podcast, Amy also tends her own aromatic garden on the North Fork of Long Island where she distills her unique products.

Listed as one of America’s most influential aromatherapists, Amy Anthony is currently the New York State representative for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and has her private practice called NYC Aromatica, which includes one-on-one customized aromatherapy sessions and online class offerings.

Learn more about Amy and NYC Aromatica at

Amy is a certified clinical aromatherapist, owner of NYC Aromatica and host of the Essential Aromatica podcast. Amy left her career in marketing to pursue what is closest to her heart: working with plants – and today, she’s considered to be one of America’s most influential aromatherapists!

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