Red Clover


per ounce

Trifolium pratense

Part used: Flowers and Leaves

Patreon Exclusive Herb Co-Op

Frontier Co-op Whole Red Clover Blossoms make a delicious and wholesome women's tea. The whole blossoms are the attractive dark-pink flowers of a widespread perennial often grown as a green cover crop to plow back in and enrich the soil. They are edible and have a sweet and spicy taste like watercress. They also deliver a pleasant honey-like fragrance.

Red clover blossoms can be served as garnishes, jellies and herbal teas and can be added to your jam recipes or mixed into your salads. Red clover also complements soups, stews, lasagnas, and especially teas.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × .5 × 8 in


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