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C. annuum

Min 1/8 tsp of seeds

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A classic pepper from Calabria, Italy. A bit hotter than a jalapeno, with a subtle, fruity flavor. Perfect dried and ground into flakes or packed in oil to add a tasty heat to your meals all winter long. This pepper is so productive! Our original seed stock came from Jeff Quattrone, founder of Library Seed Bank in New Jersey.

Min 1/8 tsp of seeds

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2 reviews for Calabrian

  1. Laurrie Piland (verified owner)

    I bought seeds for this variety last year. Vigorous growth and produces very well. I highly recommend!

  2. Joshua

    My Aunt wanted these and this was the ONLY place I could find them. We both grew them out this year–she did a bunch and I stuck one in my bean patch. Both of us in different central Indiana towns had good production. And the bugs that slaughtered my beans this year basically left this plant alone. Quite tasty too–not one of those ones that’s just DEATHLY hot and nothing else. There’s actual FLAVOR there! I’ll be growing this again.

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