Jump into January and kick start your new year’s resolution to live healthier! Join Ben & Heather Cohen of Small House Farms to learn how to go green as you clean make your own Really Awesome Disinfectant (R.A.D. All Purpose Cleaner) and a sample of Herb & Lavender Handmade Laundry Soap.
The R.A.D. all purpose cleaner is used on a variety of surfaces, ranging from kitchens to bathrooms and also linens. R.A.D. is a simple blend of infused vinegar and essential oils that naturally disinfects, cleans, and sanitizes. The Laundry Soap is made with natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrance or dye. Each guest will leave with a 12 oz Bottle of R.A.D. and a small sample of laundry soap.