Bacon & Eggs


Last year we raised our first batch of pigs!  It was such a blast and a great learning experience for all of us.   We knew what they eat and how they lived, which is so important to us.   Due to a large quantity of hemp flour that we have from pressing seeds, a big part of their diet was Hemp!  This is very unique and makes for delicious pork!  In early spring, we plan on getting two (or three) more pigs to raise for meat.

If you’re interested in the final product, we plan to sell a few 1/3 (thirds) or  1/2 (halves) of a pig.
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Small house raised 85 meat chickens in the spring/summer of 2015 and plan to raise even more this year!    They are also fed a diet high in crushed hemp seed and raised in an enclosed free range area.   They come packaged whole or quartered and you can be put on a list for this next season if you’re interested.

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A variety of different breeds of chicken can be found all around our property as they free range.  They give us the best fresh eggs!  All different colors and sizes.  Sometimes we have extra and bring them to the markets to sell.  Look for duck eggs too because those ducks are laying even in the winter months!