Insuk’s Wang Kong Runner Bean


Phaseolus coccineus
10 seeds

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A vigorous and productive climber with gorgeous red flowers that hummingbirds love to visit! Some plants occasionally display light pink to almost white flowers. Thought to have origins in China, this bean was first brought to the US from Korea in the 1960s. The name Wang Kong is Korean for ‘king bean’. Seattle gardener Jim Wright named this strain after his wife Insuk. Our son Elijah acquired our original seed stock at a swap during the Seed Savers Exchange annual conference and campout in Decorah, Iowa.

50 days/pods, 85 days/dry, extraordinarily vigorous even as a seedling, aggressive climber, bright red flowers on very long racemes, sets pods even in moderately hot weather, continues blooming for most of summer, seeds range from black, to black and purple, to mostly purple.

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