Tomato Lovers Collection


12 packs of Seeds included
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1 pack of Yellow Candy Current ($5.00 value)
these produce oodles of super sweet little fruits.

1 pack of Gregori’s Altai ($4.00 value)
heavy producers of pink-red beefsteak tomatoes.

1 pack of Black Vernissage ($3.00 value)
deep red tomatoes with green and black striped markings.

1 pack of Kosovo ($4.00 value)
Large, heart shaped fruits with intense tomato flavor.

1 pack of Black Trifele ($3.00 value)
Crack resistant fruits with a rich and smoky flavor.

1 pack of Xanadu Green Goddess ($3.00 value)
green-when-ripe variety.

1 pack of Striped Cavern ($3.00 value)
An early producer of attractive and flavorful oblong fruits.

1 pack of Sleeping Lady ($3.00 value)
Perfect for growers with limited space!

1 pack of Heliod Tomato ($3.00 value)
a blocky, bright orange fruit.

1 pack of Thessaloniki Tomato ($3.00 value)
the baseball-sized fruit are bright red and full of that classic tomato flavor.

1 pack of Large Barred Boar Tomato ($3.00 value)
great for slicing, sandwiches and even for sauces.

1 pack of Elijah’s Yellow Tomato ($3.00 value)
yellow, pear-shaped fruit has a mild flavor.


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