Direct Sow Garden Seeds Package


11 packs of Seeds + a FREE pack of Shelling Peas

All seeds in package are direct sow, allowing the new gardener to plant without needing an expensive setup for indoor starts.


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              ‘Bear Island Chippewa’ Flint Corn (not available on the site anywhere else!)
A traditional corn of the Anishinaabe people.  Flint corn is a grinding corn used for a wide range of purposes from flour to soup. However, when picked in the green stage like sweet corn, Bear Island flint corn is sweet and delicious.





1 pack of ‘Ukrainian’ Pole Bean
Beautiful, productive and delicious!

1 pack of ‘Neckargold’ Pole Bean
beautiful, yellow-podded beans

1 pack of ‘Dill’
Edible seeds, flowers, and greens flavor many foods.

1 pack of ‘Community’ Kale
tasty and nutritious!

1 pack of ‘Harlequin Marigold’ 
bright yellow flowers and deep, mahogany stripes dates back to around 1870

1 pack of Holy Basil 
Referred to by many as the “Queen of the Herbs”

1 pack of ‘Akasuji Diakon’ Radish
A beautiful winter radish with snow white flesh and delicate purple markings.

1 pack of ‘Grandpa Ott’s’ Morning Glory
bears beautiful deep-purple flowers with red stars at their center

1 pack of ‘Bloomsdale’ Spinach
A classic spinach since 1925 with dark-green leaves with rich, nutty flavor.

1 pack of ‘Ethiopian’ Blue Mustard
A wonderfully flavorful and tender mustard!

BONUS FREE PACK : 1 pack of Lincoln Shelling Peas,
a sweet, tender shelling pea, a favorite since 1908!

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