Homestead Life

Our house isn’t TINY, we aren’t part of the TINY house movement.  We are homesteaders, striving for a small simple lifestyle that is filled with love and family and things we enjoy.  Things that improve our quality of life.  Gardening, raising animals, preparing yummy and nutritious food, canning and preserving our harvests and the harvests of our local farmers, and so much more.

We live in a 1100 square foot house with a open floor plan.  Having two children in this space has already filled it up and we have to constantly work to reduce and limit what comes into the house.  This has been a great challenge for us! Even though we may get frustrated, it’s great to rid your home and life of material things as they only clutter and control your surroundings.  We would like to add more antique quality furniture to our homestead so we can replace some of the newer, cheaply made pieces that we acquired as young adults.  As we grow, surely this goal will be met.

We are learning too!   We invite you to join us in our journey. We are not experts but would like to inspire others to get back to their roots as well.  Please follow our blog for our adventures and news on what is happening here at the farm.

– From our Homestead to Yours  –

Many of the products that we sell originated from things that we do or make around the house.  We slowly have incorporated more and more of our lifestyle into the products available through Small House.   These are things that we have used for years and loved!  Then we realized that others might be interested in using them too.  Maybe they would be interested in learning how to do it themselves!

We strive for simple, natural ingredients in all of our products. We know that this is so important for so many of you!

Gardens & Extended growing

Our raised beds are converted into low tunnels in the spring/fall months for extended growing time.  IMG_1628This is a super easy thing to do to your own beds at your homestead.  The irrigation pipe is curved over the bed and secured in place by simply being slid over rebar stuck in to the ground.  Plastic sheeting lays over top to create a greenhouse effect.  We use wood boards to keep the sheeting in place, but hope to improve our system over time.   As our homestead grows, our gardens do too.

Our GreenHouse

IMG_0570Gifted to us by a dear friend, we are so thankful for our little hoop house.  As we learn to utilize it in the most efficient way, we can grow better, faster and longer then we are now!

Bacon & Eggs

Raising our own meat has been a crazy and fun adventure as well!  Our chickens and pork provide us meat for the whole year.  Check out more about them on the Bacon & Eggs page.

Maple Syrup

What else does our homestead provide us?  A yummy treat made by the trees themselves!  We normally harvest a couple gallons of syrup each spring –  sometimes we have some to share so find out more here.

Wood Stove

woodstoveThis is our second year heating our home with wood. It saves us on propane costs and provides us with a dreamy fire every day inside the homestead.  This is a feeling unlike any other.

Canning & Storing Harvest

Whew-  what work this is!  We try to expand our canning practice every season and this season was no exception!  We canned more then we ever had before!  Lots of pickles and lots of tomato products –  this is an important aspect to our operation.  Thisseed storage planning allows us to save money and eat better throughout the winter months.  We encourage you to experiment with canning food –  as a family or as a single homesteader –  the art of preserving food can be fun and rewarding.

Seed Saving

Dry-Dragons-Tongue-BeansSmall House Seed Collection started in 2016 with a small selection of seeds that were important to us.  We plan to expand this selection throughout time but we love to educate the community on the importance of seed saving and how it can effect our community, our families and our health.  Save the Date for the Winter Seed Swap